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Age Requirements: Minimum age 21 with one year driving experience. Young driver supplement for small cars (21-25): 8 € per day, minimum 50 €, maximum 96 €. Young driver supplement for family cars/9-seaters (21-25): 25 € per day, minimum 75 €. Customers who have held a driving licence for less than 4 years - supplement of 8 € per day, max.96 €.

International Driving Licence: Please note that if you do not have an EU driving licence you will need to bring an international driving licence along with your original licence to rent the car. If your driving licence is not from the European Union and you don`t have an international driving licence, the supplier will accept your licence paying a supplement of 50€.

Additional Driver: Additional driver 7.95 € per day, maximum 98.00 € per rental (price per additional driver). Maximum number of additional drivers per rental: 3.

Payment: A credit card (Visa or Mastercard) in the name of the main driver is required in order to collect the car. Please note that prepaid cards, American Express, Postepay, Gift cards or Diners are not accepted. The credit card used for payment on collection must be in the name of the main driver. If this is not the case, the supplier may accept the credit card of a passenger, provided that this person is present on collection. The cost of this service is 50€.

Insurance:Insurance includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) subject to an excess. Excess amount: from 1.000 to 1.400€. You can take the SCDW to remove the excess on collection for 20€/day and will only leave a deposit of 200€. In case of not taking this SCDW the deposit will be between 1000€ and 1400€.
1. underside of cars.
2. fuel error.
3. Lost or broken key.
4. Accident due to negligence.
5.No claim communication, in a timely manner.
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, you must contact the office immediately.
You will have to fill out an accident report for insurance. Otherwise, insurance coverage is not guaranteed. In the case of significant damage to the vehicle or injuries, the competent authority must be notified.
Mileage: Have to advise us and change the car every 2.000km. If you pass this kilometers without advising us, 200€ and 0.45€ for exceeded km will be charged to your credit card.

Fuel Policy: All cars are supplied with a full tank and upon collection you must pay the amount of it. The price of fuel will be between 130eur and 190eur depending on the model of the vehicle delivered. This price includes the refueling service, which will be 30.30 euros. At the end of the rental you must deliver the full tank, and you will be reimbursed the amount paid, in case you do not deliver it full, you will be charged the refueling service of €30.30.

Out of office hours:
Office hours: 08:00-20:00 (only on request)
The supplement for delivery or return after hours is €40.
The return in airport parking:
Within office hours; 20€
Outside office hours: 50€

Taking the car abroad / to other islands: It is not allowed to take the car to countries other than those listed in the conditions.
It is not allowed to take the car out of the island of Ibiza.
Penalty for taking the car out of Ibiza: 400€, if the vehicle suffers an accident or breakdown, the company will not cover repatriation costs.

The car is supplied clean inside and out, and disinfected (Ozone Treatment), you will be charged €12 for non-refundable cleaning, but in the event that the car is delivered perfectly clean inside and out, it will be refunded.< br />
Loss of documentation: 35 eur if the documentation is not in the vehicle when it is returned.

Loss of rent a car sticker: €35

Charge for fine management: Fine management: 50eur. (This fee will be charged if you receive a traffic ticket during your rental, such as speeding or parking tickets. Please note that this fee does not pay the amount of the fine.)

Charge for accident management: 50eur. Opening of friendly part of claim 20€.
Please note that this offer does not allow contract extensions.
Please note that you have up to 2 courtesy hours (limited to the established schedule (does not count outside hours) for the collection of your reservation. If the car is not collected within this period, the supplier may cancel your reservation .
If you do not deliver the car on the agreed day and time, you will be charged a penalty of 120€ plus extra days, which range between 70€ and 180€ depending on the model of the vehicle delivered.
The rental made is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (make-model, color, equipment, etc.) but to a group of vehicles with similar technical characteristics and habitability.
The vehicle shown on the Confirmation Voucher may be substituted for a similar car depending on the fleet available at the local office.

Cancellation policy: This reservation is a special offer and therefore non-refundable. It is not possible to cancel or modify the reservation.

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